Regular Show Fist Punch 2


regular show fist punch 2Regular Show is back at KiZi with Fist Punch 2! In this awesome 2 player fighting game online, you take the role of Rigby and Mordecai, the heroes of Regular Show TV Series from Cartoon Network. Your objective is to fight against evil enemies and smash them using your fists and feet! Punch and kick your way through hordes of opponents and survive for as long as possible. You can also use the weapons of the enemies to attack them. There are various types of opponents such as punks, unicorns and demonic destroyers. Later in the game, you will have to face the toughest enemies and bosses. You will need to perform your best special attacks to beat them. Watch your special attack bar and activate the attacks once it’s filled up. As Player 1, use arrows to move and K,L keys to jump and punch. As Player 2, use your W,A,S,D keys to move and F,G keys to jump and punch. Can you help the characters of Regular Show defeat everyone?

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