Renegade Racing


renegade racingRenegade Racing is a fantastic car driving game at KiZi. Start your engine and prepare for the race of your life! In Renegade Racing, your objective is to drive your car, collect coins along the way and complete missions to earn a bonus cash. Enter the garage after each race and upgrade your vehicle or buy a new one using the earned money. There are 12 super cool cars to choose from, but you will need to unlock them first. You can buy sports cars, buggies, trucks, van, police car or even a bus! Each of them has it’s own stats. There is one legendary car, which has all it’s stats at maximum. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to drive and perform flips. Press X or space bar to jump. Do stunts to fill up the turbo bar that is displayed on top of the screen, once it’s full you will gain a speed boost. Each race will have different weather conditions. Try to win as many races as you can and unlock the legendary car in Renegade Racing online at KiZi!

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