Retro Bowl


retro bowlRetro Bowl in now available at Kizi! Do you like American football and online retro games? Then you will love this title! Become a head coach, start a new season and guide your team to victory. Manage the roster and upgrade various facilities such as the stadium, training facility and rehab center. You can also hire new staff, which will improve team attributes. Watch the condition and morale of the players. They are an important part of the game that can affect the match. Low morale can cause in-game penalties and problems off the field. Poor condition will lead to injuries and fumbles. In the Retro Bowl game at Kizi, you can also play league matches. Control players on the field using your mouse and keyboard. Aim by dragging your cursor into the opposite direction of the pass. Release the button to throw the ball. Dodge your opponents while running using the W, S keys. To kick the ball, just click your left mouse button.

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