Road of Fury Desert Strike


road of fury desert strikeRoad of Fury 3 Desert Strike at KiZi is the latest sequel of the popular car racing game with shooting elements. This time you will be showing off your furious driving skills in a desert. There is an enemy gang trying to destroy your car, you need to kill them! Jump into your trusty vehicle and use your weapons to shoot at anything standing in your way! The main objective of Road of Fury 3 Desert Strike is to make your car go for as long as possible. Unlock new levels by reaching a specific distance. Earn coins and spend them in the garage to upgrade your car. Buy some cool weapons and gadgets, they will help you kill more enemy units or survive for longer periods of time. Move your mouse cursor to aim. Your weapons will fire automatically. Your car acceleration is also automatic, all you need to do is to aim using your mounted gun. Can you eliminate the enemy gang and rule the wasteland in Road of Fury 3 Desert Strike at KiZi?

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