Rooftop Snipers 2


rooftop snipers 2Rooftop Snipers have returned with a sequel! If you have enjoyed the 1st Rooftop Snipers game online at KiZi, this 2nd edition is a must play for you! The game features the good old and super-cool pixel graphics, but it also brings some new fun elements! Enjoy many customization options that will make the game world look exactly as you want. You can choose from different maps, weather conditions and weapons. Select one of the game modes (single player or 2 player), choose a favorite sniper character and jump right into the rooftop gunfight! Compete against enemy snipers and try to kill them faster than they kill you. Shot from your rifle and try to push your opponent off the roof to win. Hold your jump key (W) to dodge the incoming bullets. Hold your shoot key (E) to raise your weapon. Release to pull the trigger and shoot. Let’s see how good are your sniping skills in this shooting game online called Rooftop Snipers 2!

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