Rooftop Snipers


rooftop snipersRooftop Snipers is a simplistic 2D shooting two-player KiZi game online, which offers cool pixelated graphics and super-addicting gameplay. You control a sniper and compete against an opponent sniper in a gunfight on top of the roof. The controls of this game are very simple and easy to understand. There are only 2 buttons that you will have to use. As player 1, press your W key to jump and E key to shoot. As player 2, press your 1 key to jump and 0 key to shoot. Hold the shooting key for a split of second to aim and then release it to perform a shot. Try and hit your opponent as many times as possible to push him off the roof. Once any sniper is pushed off the rooftop, it’s a point for the opponent. Each gunfight consists of a number of rounds. The first gunner who wins 5 rounds is the final winner. Each of the matches is a bit different with various physics conditions and weapons, this makes the game even more interesting.

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