School Flirting Game


school flirting gameSchool Flirting is a unique Kizi game online in which you will become a schoolgirl whose objective is to flirt with boys and lure as many of them as possible. Go around the school and use your special ability to attract victims. Move your cursor into a direction and your schoolgirl will start following it. Move your cursor further away from your character to start running. When your cursor is on the head of a boy, click your left mouse button to fire a Love Beam and start flirting. Keep the button pressed and fill the boy’s heart. Beware of rival schoolgirls that will compete against you. Keep clicking the mouse button to defeat your opponent. Watch the Love Meter at the top of the screen. Firing the Love Beam will drain the meter. Restore the meter by obtaining hearts. If the Love Meter gets to zero, it’s a game over. When you hit a teacher, you will fall onto the ground. How many boys can you attract in the School Flirting game at

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