Shell Shockers


shell shockersShell Shockers or at KiZi is a multiplayer 1st-person shooter with eggs. In Shell Shockers cool math game, you compete against other players, try to kill them using your powerful weapons. Choose your your class and start playing. Each of the classes has different stats such as damage and accuracy. There is a huge 3D maze where all the players are competing against each other in a deathmatch. This game is all about reflexes. Be faster than your opponent to survive. When you see someone running around you, use some tactic to evade his attacks and shoot him down. Jumping also helps. If you get killed, you can re-spawn after few seconds. Use your arrows to move, press space bar to jump, mouse cursor to aim, click to fire from your weapon. Press shift to zoom in for a better aim. Use R to reload, E to swap your weapons, Q to throw a grenade. Can you destroy all enemy eggs, or will you end up shell shocked?

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