Short Life 2


short life 2Short Life is back at Kizi with a sequel. If you have enjoyed the first Short Life game, then you will love this one! In Short Life 2, you become a funny bearded guy once again and your mission is to complete a dangerous obstacle course without getting killed. This time, there will be even more danger and you will have to be extremely careful to survive in each of the levels. You will need to avoid touching those deadly objects at all costs. Sometimes they will only hurt you, but most of the times, it will be your death! There is no time limit in this game so you don’t have to rush. You can collect up to three stars in each level, they can be used for unlocking new characters. Use your left and right arrow keys to move. Jump over various objects or crawl under them using your up and down arrow keys. In the Short Life 2 game at, there are 20 challenging levels. Can you finish them all and stay alive for as long as possible?

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