Skate Rush


skate rushGumball and Teen Titans are back at Kizi with this awesome racing game called Skate Rush! Choose one of your favorite Cartoon Network heroes, hop on your skateboard and compete against others in the ultimate skateboarding tournament. Try to beat your opponents and become the fastest skater on the racetrack. There are 5 different tracks and 14 characters to choose from including Gumball, Darwin, Robin and Starfire. Each of the characters has different stats and they can be upgraded from the in-game menu. You can increase their acceleration, steering and top speed. In addition, there is a possibility to buy different skins for your skateboard or scooter. Use your left and right arrow keys to control your character. Watch your current position displayed at the top of the screen and try to collect as many coins as possible. Can you beat your opponents and win the tournament in the Skate Rush game online at Kizi?

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