29,641 is an fantastic Kizi .io game online that will test your drawing skills. It was inspired by the legendary board game called Pictionary. In, your objective is to guess what other players are drawing and draw your own pictures for others to guess. Players take turns and in each turn, one player is drawing and the rest of the group is guessing. Try to guess the drawings as quickly as possible to earn more points. Type the guessed word into the chat to be able to score, otherwise it doesn’t count. Once you get your turn, choose one of the three words and draw your picture as accurately as possible, so others can guess it. Don’t draw letters, symbols or numbers, it would be too easy. You have 80 seconds to do your drawing. Player with the highest amount of points at the end of the game is the winner. Before you start playing, customize your character in the menu. Can you guess all drawings of others?

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