Sniper Team 2


sniper team 2Sniper Team 2 is a sequel of the popular shooting game online at KiZi. As in the previous title, you will take a control of a professional sniper team and your goal is to eliminate targets as quickly as possible. Each of the team members has unique stats and you can also customize their weapons. Select a mission and carefully read the objective. Watch out for the enemy forces and protect the objective at all costs. Don’t let any of the team members die, or the mission will fail. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Press and hold your shift button to zoom in using your scope. Press your 1,2,3,4 keys to switch to a different team member. You will have to be really fast to kill the enemy units before they reach the objective. Sniper Team 2 offers many interesting missions, where you can show off your sniper skills. Earn points for completing each of the missions. Can you manage the team of elite snipers and kill all targets in time to survive?

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