Soccer Physics


soccer physics mobileSoccer Physics Mobile is a cool sports game online with a two-player mode and elements of physics. In Soccer Physics at KiZi, your task is to control two players and and kick balls into opponents goal. The conditions of each match will be very different. Sometimes the weather will be sunny, othertimes it will rain. You also never know which kind of ball you will be playing with, be it football, basketball, you can even play with a tennis-ball! The gameplay of Soccer Physics is very simple: Press your W or M key on the keyboard and your players will kick the ball. First team who scores 5 points is the winner. This all seems very easy, however due to the limited controls, it will sometimes be very funny to watch how your players will actually struggle. Therefor this game is very hard to master and it will never make you bored. Let’s jump into the match and beat your opponents! Can you qualify into play offs and win the cup in Soccer Physics?

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