Squid Game


squid gameSquid Game is a 3D battle royale game inspired by the famous Netflix series and it is now available at Kizi! Compete against a large group of characters in a race to the finish line and try to be the last man standing. You will have to reach the giant doll as quickly as possible to win the race. The rules of the Squid Game are simple, but it’s not gonna be as easy as it sounds! Because, you will need to watch the green light and once it turns red, you must stop moving immediately. If you don’t stop and keep going, a couple of armed men will kill you and the game is over. You will need to follow the red light, green light mechanics if you want to get to the finish line in one piece. Click and hold your left mouse button to move forwards. Release the button to stop your character. Watch the lights displayed at the top right, and your remaining time at the top left. Can you survive the deadly mechanics of the Squid Game at Kizi.cm?

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