17,351 is an interesting .io game online that is all about hunger and it is now available at Kizi! Your mission in is to survive cold and hunger by crafting useful tools from collected resources. Select a preferred server, choose a game mode and start playing. Explore the biomes, fight creatures and find treasure chests! Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to move. Click your left mouse button to harvest resources and craft the tools, right mouse button to cancel the crafting in progress or to throw items. Press your numeric keys to use items in your inventory. Press enter to start chatting with players around you. Use your shift button to add items 10 per 10. Press R key to auto-feed, Y key to zoom the mini-map. Watch your health, hunger, thirst, warmth. Eat food from your inventory so you don’t starve to death. Get near a fireplace to get warm and go into the water to drink it. Can you survive the winter in at Kizi?

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