Stumble Guys


stumble guysStumble Guys is a multiplayer skill-based Kizi game online in which you will compete against other players in various challenges. The Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale game at Kizi features cute characters and interesting objectives which makes the gameplay addicting an fun. If you are a fan of other competitive skill-based games such as Fall Guys and, then you will love this title! Run around an obstacle course, overtake your opponents and rush to the finish line. Solve puzzles and survive on platforms for as long as possible to win the race. Each round has a specific number of players, but only those who are good enough will qualify for the next round. If you are not fast enough, skillful enough or if you fall off the platform, you will be eliminated. Use your arrow keys to move into directions, press space bar to jump. Let’s see how far you can go in this great battle royale Kizi game online called Stumble Guys!

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