14,998 is a new .io game online similar to the phenomenal and you can play it for free at KiZi! In, you will get a chance to become one of your favorite super heroes such as Superman or Ironman. Navigate your hero around the map and battle other heroes in a multiplayer arena. Earn experience points and evolve into a more powerful version of hero. Each of your evolution forms becomes bigger than the previous one and your weapon range will also increase. Move your character around the game world using W,A,S,D keys. Attack others using your left mouse button, sprint using your right mouse button. Kill your enemies or just collect colorful gems to earn more XP. You can see what heroes you have unlocked by checking the heroes manual. There are daily gifts that can be collected. You can also spin the wheel of fortune to win some bonuses or coins! Can you become the best player on your server?

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