Table Tennis Ultra Mega Tournament


table tennis ultra mega tournamentTable Tennis Ultra Mega Tournament is another addicting sports game online made by the Cartoon Network and you can now enjoy it for free on our Kizi Games site! Select one of your favorite heroes and start competing on the world’s biggest and greatest table tennis tournament in the history! There are dozens of characters to choose from including Gumball, Darwin, Robin, Raven, and Craig! Move your mouse to swing your paddle and smash the ball towards your opponent. Watch your opponent as he returns your serving and try to hit the ball as precisely as you can. If you miss the ball or hit the net, your opponent will score a point. If your opponent misses the ball or hits the net, you will score a point. Don’t make your shots too powerful or it will be an out. The first player to score 5 points wins the match. In the Table Tennis Ultra Mega Tournament game online at, you can unlock special items by winning games.

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