Table Tennis World Tour


table tennis world tourTable Tennis World Tour is a realistic sports game online in which you will have a chance to compete on the World Cup. Go through the continents and play matches against opponents from various countries. You will start in the North America and play against countries like the US and Canada. Later on you will travel to the South America, Africa, Europe, etc. The rules of the game are simple: Serve the ball, score points and try to win the match by outscoring your opponent. Move your mouse into a direction to start swinging your rocket. Try to hit the ball as precisely as you can so it will fall on the opposite side of the table. If you hit the net, your opponent will score a point and vice versa. If you miss the ball served by your opponent, he will score a point. If the opponent misses the ball, you will score a point. The first player who scores 11 points wins the match. Can you win all matches and become the World Champion?

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