tanko.ioTanko.io, or simply called Tank.io, is another super-awesome Kizi .io game online in which you will have a chance to become a tank driver. This is a team-based strategy game and your goal is to follow your army and destroy enemy tanks. Navigate your vehicle around the map, aim with your cannon and shoot down the enemies. In each battle, there are 2 teams of 5 players competing against each other. The objective is to defend your base, don’t let the enemy tanks reach it and destroy it. Locate the base of the opposing team and attack it. Try to do enough damage and destroy the enemy base to win the match. Teamwork is crucial in this game and you will really have to watch what other players are doing and try to help them. Use defensive tactics if you are on the losing side, or offensive tactics if you are winning. Earn upgrades for your tank by killing other players. How many tanks can you destroy in Tanko.io?

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