Toon Cup 2018


toon cup 2018Toon Cup 2018 at KiZi is a fun soccer game online from the Cartoon Network! Control some of the most famous cartoon characters, play football matches, score goals and become the world champion! Each of the characters has some unique abilities. Use yours keys to move the players around the field. Press your space bar to pass the ball or shoot it towards the opponents goal while in the offense. Once you get near the opponent’s goalkeeper, press and hold your space bar for a while to set the power of your shot, then release to kick the ball. While you are in the defense, you can use the space bar to perform a tackle and steal the ball from your opponent. Earn coins by winning and collecting item, use them to unlock a new stuff. There are 2 game modes in Toon Cup 2018: Tournament and Practice. If you need to train, play the Practice to increase your shooting skill. Can you beat all opponents in Toon Cup 2018 at

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