Toon Cup 2021


toon cup 2021 Toon Cup 2021 has finally been added to Kizi. The previous installment of the series has already been phenomenal, but the 2021 edition is on another level! This time, you can enjoy brand new features such as the Toon League, which will let you create a custom team. Choose your favorite Nickelodeon heroes, manage your roster and compete against other cartoon characters. First, you will need to pick a captain, who will be the leader of your squad. After that, you can complete your roster by choosing the 2nd and 3rd player. Win matches to earn points and complete the different Leagues. Each Toon Cup league has its own awesome trophy, can you win them all? Control your player on the field using arrow keys. While playing on offense, you can pass the ball to your teammate by pressing space bar. Hold down the space bar to make a shot. When playing on defense, press space bar to perform a tackle and steal the ball.

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