Tower Defense Clash


tower defense clashTower Defense Clash is the ultimate tower defense strategy game online that you can enjoy for free on our Kizi Games site! Protect your castle against an invading army and kill all enemy units that appear on the screen. Go through the levels, build various defensive structures, fight endless waves of enemies, and survive! You can choose from many different types of towers to kill the enemy units as quickly and effectively as possible. You will earn gold from every fallen enemy unit. Use the earned gold to construct new towers and upgrades. Use your mouse to play the game. Click on one of the empty spots to build a defensive structure. Activate spells whenever they are ready. Spells will cause additional damage or slowing down effects. Watch your health, gold and number of killed enemies on the top of the screen. In the Tower Defense Clash game online at, you will earn up to three stars after completing each level.

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