Vampire Skills


vampire skills Vampire Skills at Kizi is a fun horror game online in which you will train your vampire character. Teach him how to perform various skills, so he will be ready to enter the world of vampires. First, you will have to show him how to fly. Select the first skill from the menu and make him transform into a bat. He will then use his flying ability to reach the target. Next, your vampire needs to learn how to suck blood from his victims. Approach a person and click to perform an attack. Apart from flying and sucking blood, your vampire can also learn telekinesis and hypnosis. These skills will be handful if you need to control things or people remotely. There are lots of other skills your vampire can learn such as the charm skill, invisibility and super-strength. Use them whenever you need to. Beware, there are vampire hunters in the game! Avoid them at all costs or they will kill you! Can you teach your vampire all skills and super-powers?

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