Wrestle Jump


wrestle jumpWrestle Jump is a fun two-player fighting game online at KiZi. Do you like wrestling and watching WWE matches? Then you will love this game! The mechanics are very simple. Use physics and gravity to push your opponent away from you. Try to make him turn upside down, so he will fall onto the ground and smash his head. Once an opponent’s head hits the ground, you will earn a point. If the opponent forces you to hit the ground, it’s a point for him. A player who first scores 5 points is the winner. It all sound very easy, but it can be very tricky to defeat your opponent at times. Fighters can use their legs as a shield for their head when they are flipped and falling towards the ground. This makes the gameplay of Wrestle Jump very fun and challenging. Use your keyboard to play this game. Press W as player 1 or M as player 2 to push your legs and fight your opponent. How many times can you win a fight in Wrestle Jump?

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