Zombie Shooter


zombie shooterIn the Zombie Shooter game online at Kizi, you become an elite soldier and your objective is to kill zombies for a reward. Go through the maps and clear them from zombies using your gun. After completing each level, you will earn up to three stars depending on your killing speed and the number of bullets you have used. You will also earn cash for each killed zombie. Apart from your gun, there are various hanging objects in your surroundings that will help you eliminate the zombies. You can smash the zombies with heavy items such as girders and wrecking balls. Shoot them down and make them fall on the zombies for an easy multi-kill. Use your mouse to aim, click to shoot. Try to aim carefully, or you will miss your target. If you run out of bullets, the game is over and you will have to restart the level. In the Zombie Shooter Kizi game online, there are 15 super-fun and challenging levels, can you complete them all?

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